Laser cut felt jewellery

“Because diamonds starts as coal”, that is the concept behind the design of these laser cut diamond heart pendants. They are cut from 100% wool felt, a renewable and environmentally friendly resource. The design features delicate cut lines, and they come in two sizes.

Measurements: 55 x 50mm – 3mm thick for the large size and 38 x 32 – 3mm thick for the small size.


More laser cut felt pendant is this elegant black doily. It is one of three doilies pendants designs available as ready cut and product plan. The design is so delicate featuring intricate details, it just fit into any necklace chain (not included), look lovely with both silver or gold.

Measurements: 50 x 50mm – 3mm thick.

This collection is currently available in black colour felt. Other colors can be ordered with Product Plan purchase through my Ponoko store.

Please note that as a natural material, felt has a strong burnt smell after laser cutting. The edge scorches and turns brown which is more noticeable on the lighter colors. 

Shipping: Products can be shipped anywhere in the world. Shipping cost is calculated after adding items to your cart. If you have any questions regarding these products, you may contact us here.

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